2014 Mojacar

Visiting Jackie in Mojacar

Monday 8th September

Up at 2.20am as couldn’t sleep, arrived at Birmingham airport at 5.05am, coffee then check in. Huge queue in departures so no time for coffee, water shopping etc!!!

Arrived at Almeria, collected case & with Jackie about 11.20am - a good flight though we left about 40 mins late arrived only 20mins late.

Keith Jackie’s friend drove us to Mojacar where I checked in & changed before we went out for lunch. It’s 35%C and very humid. We went for a coffee & water at a cafe by the sea, then walked by the sea to a cafe for a leisurely lunch & long chat. Walked back to the hotel for iced coffee on the terrace & more chatting before Jackie left me about 5ish to get ready for work tonight. I decided on a quiet evening here by the sea & early night as I was up so early & shattered from the heat too.

Sitting on my balcony overlooking the sea & beginning this diary before a long soak in the bath. Went down to the terrace cafe for a glass of wine overlooking the sea, decided to eat here as it was quieter & 3 course dinner in restaurant, had tortilla de patatas with more wine.

Sorted yummy dinner and took another vino tinto to my balcony for a last cig then bed at 10pm

Tuesday 9th September

Coffee on roof terrace then met Jac at reception, having checked out. Coffee & oj waiting for bus to village at Masko cafe.

Bus up to the village from the playa was only 5 minutes. Jackie’s apartment is lovely - up the hill then down 4 steep flights of stairs from the bus stop. It’s a gorgeous flat with a lovely terrace overlooking the valley and the sea. Met the cats Jasmine & Javier sister & brother, both very friendly, especially Jazzy who has enormous beautiful blue eyes. Later we had lunch at Bar Irene next door to Just Jackie’s. Sitting on the terrace here before going exploring as Jackie is working from 2 - 7pm today.

Had quite a wander though lots of shops are closed for siesta then went back to Just Jackie’s & met a few of the locals before heading back to Jackie’s for a rest & got ready for our evening out. Cuddled to cats & read for a while. Both cats were in my bedroom when I returned, Javi has decided that my suitcase is his new bed!

We went out about 8.30 to Stuart & Sharon’s restaurant opposite Just Jackie’s called El Antler for fab steak dinner on the terrace, met the owners who are really nice then went to Just Jackie’s so that I could meet Conny who works for Jackie from there to another bar then up the hill to Toni & Georges bar where Conny joined us later, she’s really nice & Toni is hilarious. We went to Pavana with Conny for a last drink on the way home, then Jackie & I sat chatting till about 3.30am!

Wednesday 10th September

Up about 9ish & rather hungover, how I managed 4 steep flights of stairs down to Jac’s flat without breaking my neck I really don’t know! We eventually got ready to go to the playa for lunch at the Chinese, dumplings, seaweed, crispy duck & garlic prawns - all fab & took doggy bag home! Opted for a lazy night in & watched 2 films, Last Orders & the Death at a Funeral - which was hilarious! Relatively early night after last night.

Javi came to bed with me, he’s been on my case most of the day.

Thursday 11th September

Went to sleep with Javi cuddled up against my legs & he doesn’t seem to have moved all night till I got up at 8ish. Fed both cats, had coffee, bath etc. Jackie & I then went out to Pavana for coffee then got bus to the playa & went to the supermarket, had a coffee & oj a wander round the shops & bus back as Jackie’s opening up at 2pm.

Had some water & met Lisa another of Jackie’s friends before coming back to the flat to drop off shopping, eat rest of yesterdays Chinese for late lunch & relax for a while.

Watered the plants, sitting listening to music on my little speaker with Javi snuggled up with me writing this diary. It’s 38C again today with a really hot wind blowing too - the heat is tremendous & I’ve not much energy! Jac says she’s never known it this hot in September in 13 years she’s lived here!

Went out for a wander about 7.45pm, watched the sun set over the mountains having zumo naranja at the terrace cafe in the square. Did a bit of shopping, t shirts & earrings & general wander. Arrived at Just Jackie’s around 9pm & had a fab chicken curry tapas & tomato juice. Lisa arrived so I stayed & chatted while Jac worked. Conny & her partner turned up later so we all sat around chatting till gone 2am again!

Back to the flat an eventually to bed around 3am!

Friday 12th September

Up at 8am & showered, dressed & ready to catch 9.15 bus down to playa for our 10am hair appts.

Hair all washed & straightened, we went to a beach bar for coffee & oj before catching to bus back to the village. Washing up to date & cats & I sweltering in heat - it’s 38c here today!

We relaxed back at the flat for a while before going out to the Pulcinella restaurant which has the highest terrace in Mojacar. Watched the sun setting over the mountains while drinking a glass of wine - beautiful. Had a salad & spinach & pine nut pasta for dinner then went up to the Sarten bar to see Toni & Chris for a drink, met Val there who is lovely, Conny & joined us when she’d closed Jackie’s another lovely fun evening, down to Pavana for a last drink before home & chatting till 3.30am again.

Saturday 13th September

Went down to the beach and sat at the Bar la Cometa, had coffee & ordered paella for lunch it was burnt so sent it back & had calamari instead. Wandered by the beach then back to flat 40C today with the Sirocco hot wind again. Had cold bath & relaxed for a while before visiting Martha, lovely Irish lady who has a lovely house & gorgeous roof terrace. Went to Casa Minguito restaurant which has a gorgeous terrace area with trees & lights etc. ordered a fish platter for 3 which was inedible – won’t be eating there again!!

So not much luck with food today. Lisa & Conny joined us & Geraldine came over too,& we all went to Jazz Club - really nice bar another great evening out!

Sunday 14th September

Slept in till 10.30 think all these 3am + nights out are catching up with me!

We went to beach again & had fab lunch at Tito’s later peter Sarstedt’s brother Clive was playing - sounded great. Back to village about 6pm as Jackie is working this evening. I went for a wander & found Indalo earrings! Been looking for some that I like since I got here! Bought cigs to take home then went back to flat. Met Jac on way - she heard this morning that her friend Dag had a heart attack this morning & someone had just phoned to tell her he’d died - terrible! Sat with Javi on terrace catching up on diary - now off to Just Jackie’s for butter chicken curry for dinner & spend last evening up there chatting when she’s not serving! Really going to miss her!

Fab buttered chicken curry & lovely wine while Jac is working. The usual late night followed.

Monday 15th September

Up early & coffee & last cuddle with the cats before meeting Keith for the trip back to Almeria airport. Glad to be going home to Andrew & our cats, but will miss Jac & her cats very much too. Been a marvellous weeks holiday & will bring Andrew with me next time!

Flight delayed again, but finally safely home.