2014 Cyprus

8th Feb Saturday

Left home at 8,35am to drive to Luton airport for flight to Paphos in Cyprus at 11.30am.

Finally arrived in Paphos at 18.11pm 2 hrs ahead of us, so all day travel again. In a taxi to Elysium at 18.20pm.

Lovely room with a balcony.

A nice buffet with fresh salmon, asparagus & ok wine, went to Astoria bar for a drink & listened to some jazz, then bed as both worn out.

9th Feb Sunday

Woke up to sunshine & lovely view of the sea. Coffee on the balcony & watched little baby birds learning to fly, they are all cute & fluffy.

Later we walked along the sea path to the harbour where the old castle is located. Had a wander around by the sea & stopped at a cafe for salads & drinks as we were up too late for breakfast.

Wandered around the local shops found a little craft fair & bought a 3 legged toad for Carole & a “ stoned gecko” for my collection. also bought some water & wine. Lots of places are closed for the season, or as it’s Sunday?

Got a taxi back to Elysium and relaxed on balcony or in room listening to music till dinner time. The food tonight was roast & not the mezes we were looking forward to, but was ok. Tried the wine we bought earlier but all were revolting so went in the bin! What a waste but life’s too short to drink bad wine as Andrew says. Relaxed with more music then bed.

10th Feb Monday

Up in time for breakies today, then sorted ourselves out & walked up to the old town to explore. A couple of miles walk so we thankfully stopped at Viejo cafe for espresso & water & to cool down

Wandered around the market, bought a fridge magnet, but nothing else took our fancy.

Had some pitta, dips & a drink at a cafe overlooking the sea, then bought a couple more bottles of wine that we’d tried at the hotel & enjoyed before heading back.

Relaxed in room & had a siesta before getting ready to go out for dinner at Duomo the Italian restaurant up the road. Lovely food with good wine & beer, a really enjoyable evening! Back at Elysium we listened to our music & relaxed.

11th Feb Tuesday

Tried the tea at breakfast this morning, it was as bad as yesterday’s coffee!

Lazed around reading then went for a walk to rent a car, to no avail as no one was around tho’ the office was open - siesta time maybe? Took number & returned to Elysium & had fizzy water by the sea till 3pm when we got an answer to the car rental phone.

Drove down to Coral Bay for a walk about and had early dinner of Mezes at Lekanto in Pegeia - really good meal sitting overlooking the sea. Watched the lovely sunset on our way back.

Back at the Elysium we watched the rest of the sunset over the sea, relaxed, listened to music & read till bedtime.

12th Feb Wednesday

After breakfast we set off in the car to explore, had a stop at Pissouri Bay to see the sea & buy some postcards & water.

Drove on then to Limassol where we parked up to have a wander. Lunched at Thalassokoritso dips, pitta & salad, oj & illy espresso by the sea.

Limassol is ok town, but we much prefer Paphos so glad we are staying there. Drove back to the Elysium & had a cocktail called Caffeine Fix & watched the sun setting into the clouds over the sea. Up to our balcony then to relax & read until dinner at the Bacco Italian restaurant in the hotel. The food here is lovely, we both really enjoyed dinner, pudding & coffee.

13th Feb Thursday

Set out early today to explore and stopped first at Coral Bay before following the track that leads from Georgios Adios to Lara Bay where the turtles go to lay their eggs every year, no turtles to be seen though as its not hatching season till June.

We took the across the mountains route then to Acrok@@@@ and down to Lakki or Latchi for a late lunch at 3ish as its said to be the best place in Cyprus for fish.

We ate at the Sea Crest restaurant wonderful mussels in lemon & garlic then spinach stuffed sole for Andrew & red snapper for me, both fabulous - shared with a lovely cat. Cypriot coffee & baklava to finish - all very yummy!

We meandered back to the Elysium to watch the lovely sunset, then relaxed till dinner time. Andrew got an e mail from Tegwin saying he & Nick Broome will visit soon - brilliant hope they do!!

Had a golden marguerita cocktail, & went to the Duomo restaurant for a very warm welcome back & lovely dinner, discovered that both times we’ve been there the lovely local wine I’ve had ( both agree the best we’ve tried here) is made by one of the waiters family!

Back at Elysium we listened to music in our room & read till bedtime. Can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day here already.

14th Feb Friday - Our 7th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

After breakfast we set off to Aphrodite’s Temple and the @@@@@@ museum. Wandered around the site which has lovely gothic arches. Tiny baths, amphorae and a lovely view of the sea.

Stopped next at @@@@@ dam which was bone dry due to no rain last year & hardly any this year so far.

Stopped for coffee at Mirria?? & sat putside as lovely pale gonger cat adopted Andrew & sat on his lap purring & wanting lots of cuddles, it persisted down then rain & huge hailstones!

Sheltered there till the rain stopped then drove to the supermarket near Coral Bay for olive oil & cigs. Had mezes starters to share with nicest feta cheese we’ve had at Coral King a local restaurant then headed back to the hotel where we had to park jeep on the road as the car park was suddenly full. Cuddled friendly little cat & tried to make friends with Mayhem like timid cat.

Siesta till dinner time then went to the Lemonia restaurant & had yummy coconut wrapped salmon & chocolate pavlova for dinner.

Elysium is suddenly full of noisy people, service gone awry, it’s half term & time to go home!

Read & listened to music till bedtime, interrupted by noisy people in next room which has only happened since we got back in this afternoon.

15th Feb Saturday

Breakfast was very busy, Mayhem like cat appeared again for some of Andrews sausage. Packed & checked out. had a last sea side walk to the harbour. had lunch at Theo’s dips, calamari & moussaka, then went back to the Elysium to wait for the taxi to the airport.

A last drink of the local Keo beer and glass of Ayios Fotios Cypriot wine for me, there is thunder & lightning so another storm is coming though the sun is shining over the sea. Gorgeous double rainbow en route to the airport.

Arrived at the airport to be told that our flight is delayed by 1 12 hours shit & derision!