2008 Beckford's Tower

Sat 3rd May

Drove to Bath from East Dulwich having spent the night with Simon & Clare and met Molly at last! We stopped at services for a quick lunch on the way.

Eventually found Beckford’s Tower, Fi & Jane arrived last night and were in town exploring.

We dropped off our luggage and walked down to the park and ride to get the bus. Had a wander around the beautiful cathedral and then the Roman Baths, walked around the terrace and took some photos of the cathedral.

The terrace is lovely with statues all around it dating from 1894. The sacred spring is a lovely green and heats to 46C. I really enjoyed our tour around the old baths. On the way out we tried the water from the hot springs at the cafe there, it tasted sulphurous and disgusting.

Met up with Fi and Janey at Sally Lunn’s, they’d just finished afternoon tea so we wandered around Bath and found a beer instead. Found a lovely T shirt shop & Andrew and I bought one each.

This is a really beautiful city, we strolled about, then went to the Thai Balcony for dinner and had an excellent meal.

We caught the bus back to the tower then Andrew came out with me to take some photos of the views over Bath and Andrew found a friendly Cat, who was trying to get inside his jacket with him. Cat came back to the tower with us and made herself at home as we opened some wine and spent the rest of the evening chatting.

Sun 4th May

I was up early this morning, pootled about, had a wander around the graveyard with my coffee, and sat enjoying the view over Bath, as the tower is the highest point. Went up the stairs then to see the top of the tower.

There is a museum up here which I had a wander around as it’s open to the public today. Back in the garden I found Cat who wanted cuddles and she came to join me back indoors as it began to rain. Fi and Janey are up now and Cat wants a fuss from all of us.. Sat around chatting till Andrew emerged then Fi made bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

Later on we phoned a taxi to take us into town and met up with Andy Jane’s brother. We decided to take the Tour Bus around Bath, so sat on top deck, which was rather wet due to the showers we’ve has on and off since we arrived. Bath is a beautiful city, we enjoyed the tour, and you can see so much more from the top of a bus than you can in a car. Walked around the town for a while, found an Italian restaurant called Aqua, that Andy recommended so we went in for lunch. Excellent meal, we all really enjoyed it. Walked back to Andy’s car and drove up to The Crescent as Fi wanted a closer look, it is a lovely part of Bath, and houses the most expensive hotel too, The Royal Crescent Hotel www.royalcrescent.co.uk does luxury spa weekend breaks.

After our wander around the crescent Andy kindly drove us back to Beckford’s Tower, where he had a look around and climbed up to the the top of the tower to see the view before leaving to join friends for the evening.

Fi cooked steak, baby potatoes and salad for dinner, another excellent meal, & Cat joined us again, she spent all evening with us, taking turns at cuddling all of us. We sat around drinking wine and chatting happily till it was time for bed, and Cat had to be put out when we shut up the door for the night.

Mon 5th May

After a leisurely breakfast together it was time to pack up, say goodbye to each other and the lovely puss Cat and set off for home. Another lovely landmark – we all really enjoyed being there.