2004 Hole Cottage

Tue 31st August

The intrepid explorers are off to Hole Cottage which has been at the top of my Landmark Trust places to stay list for ages, it is always booked up.

Hole Cottage is a cross-wing of a medieval timber framed house, the rest of which was pulled down in 1833, it sits in the woods by a stream.

We drove down to Canterbury for lunch at Cafe de Amigo’s, which is our favourite Mexican restaurant, and ate amazing lamb fajitas. Had a wander around the town and bought five new cd’s, then drove on to Hole Cottage.

It is absolutely enchanting, so much lovelier than the photo’s portray. It nestles in the woods surrounded by the trees so that it appears straight in front of you all of a sudden.

The cottage has a very pretty little sitting room and a small kitchen, the whole downstairs floor is in very old terracotta bricks. Upstairs our bedroom has a very high ceiling, old oak beams line all the walls and ceilings in every room.

Having unpacked we found some deck chairs in the barn and sat out in the garden listening to classical music and the birds singing, we love it here already, so tranquil and relaxing.

Later we ate steak and drank wine and continue to relax in this lovely place.

Wed 1st September

When we woke it was to an overcast day, had coffee in bed and listened to the whole of Carmen by Bizet, so relaxing & by this time the sun was shining.

We decided to go to Brighton to spend the day by the sea. We parked up and went for a wander around the shops, found a fantastic glass shop called Silver which designs glass walls.

We found a lovely fish restaurant and sat outside eating fresh sea bass overlooking the sea.

Spent the rest of the day walking along the front, paddling in the sea and sitting listening to a band playing by the sea.

Later we found Moshi Moshi and had excellent sashimi, sushi and sake for dinner before making our way back to Hole Cottage to sit in the gorgeous garden with wine and music and watch the sun go down.

Thu 2nd September

This morning we decided to go for a walk in the local woods, as it’s a beautiful day again. We walked for an hour or so following the stream and walking uphill. The countryside here is lovely and we could see a farmhouse in the distance but no other habitation.

Back at Hole Cottage we had brunch and decided we would go and visit Tunbridge Wells.

We walked down to The Pantiles and explored all the little shops in this area. Stopped at The Royal Oak in the old square for lunch outside salads with thick crusty bread, then wandered around the little shops in the square. We liked Tunbridge Wells a lot, there are still loads of little individual shops here selling lovely things. It is such a pretty town too, lovely buildings and pretty parks, we spent all day just meandering.

Back at Hole Cottage we sat in our deck chairs facing this stunning and tranquil little house with the wine & music just relaxing. I really love this place, it’s definitely up there with The Swiss Cottage & The Gothic Temple as far as I am concerned.

We are off home in the morning, but I would be pleased to come back here any time….